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Bottom of a Dress
  • How far in advance do I need to bring my dress in?
    For wedding dresses, we'd like 6 - 8 weeks. However, keep in mind that the popular dates fill up fast. For this reason, we recommend contacting us asap to secure your space with our bridal specialist. For other garments, such as Bridesmaid or Mother of the Bride Gowns, we ask for 2 -3 weeks turnaround time.
  • How many appointments can I expect?
    Wedding gown fittings can run any where between 2 to 4 appointments depending on the extent of your alterations.
  • How much does it cost to alter a Bridal Gown?
    Prices will vary from gown to gown of course. It all depends on what you need done. We offer a obligation-free consultation if you are price checking or comparing. Just let us know you're interesting in this service when you call.
  • What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?
    We ask that you bring the shoes as well as the undergarments you plan on wearing with your gown. They are both very important for your fitting. If you haven't purchased undergarments, don't! We have a wide range of bra cups, bustiers, pasties, sticky-boobs, etc.
  • Should I bring anyone with me to my Bridal Gown fitting?
    The first or 2nd fitting, its best that you and your seamstress work together. In the later stages, when you are finalizing the bustle, etc. you can bring someone to learn first hand what's to be done on your special day. If no one is available, video or written diagram from your seamstress will do the trick.
  • What to do if I'm expecting and am a bridesmaid in the sisters wedding?
    We want to hear from you asap. We'll most likely want to see you closer to your event date, such as 2 - 3 weeks prior. However, getting a visual of your dress quickly, whether pics or in-shop visit, can help with heading any down-the-road potential problems with your gown.
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